Management Team

Every dream that is not driven by positive definite action and direction never rises beyond a mere dream. In recognition of this truism, the Chief Executive and bull’s eye of ANL Hon (Dr.) Godwin T. Ebosa has not only been the core pivot for actualizing the ANL dream which he conceptualized, but has also demonstrated his business management sagacity by assembling a team of thoroughbred professionals to drive and further actualize the ANL Vision and Mission. Core members of the ANL vision drivers are briefly introduced below.

  1. G.T. Ebosa, BSc, PhD -- MD/CEO
  2. John E. Akpata, MIlR, MNIM -- Director, Administration and Human Resources
  3. Emmanuel Ebosa --Director of Operations
  4. Olabisi Ebosa -- Executive Director
  5. Karmeel Najjar -- Director, Business Development
  6. Dudu Desmond -- Company Secretary/Legal Adviser
  7. Vickins Ikpeh -- General Manager
  8. Ewansubhor Value -- Human Resources Manager
  9. Dr. Fred Tonwe -- Operations Manager
  10. Oristsegbubemi Natufe -- Financial Controller
  11. Godwin Okome -- Technical Manager
  12. Abraham Zikonghan -- Procurement Manager
  13. Aloy Anyawu -- HSE Manager
  14. Albert Mene -- Asset and Cooperative Manager
  15. Uranta Emmanuel -- IT Manager
  16. Oritseweyemi Richards -- Maintenance Engineering Manager